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-Rolling Stone Magazine

"There's no voice quite like Dave Gutter's, a weathered coffee-and-cigarettes growl that can turn vulnerable to vicious and crackles like a vintage Fender amp when he screams."


Dave Gutter is a singer, songwriter, composer and performer from Portland Me. Gutter has been renown as one of the most perceptive and enigmatic lyricists of his time and is best known for his work as frontman of indie rock groups; Rustic Overtones, Armies and Paranoid Social Club.


Gutter studied production in 2000 under longtime David Bowie producer Tony Visconti and more recently with Eric Krasno. 


From 2001 till present he has garnered international acclaim as a songwriter and lyricist for multiple grammy award winning artists and is still actively performing more than 100 shows a year with Rustic Overtones, Armies, Paranoid Social Club and as a solo artist.



Rustic Overtones are a seven piece rock band from Portland Maine who's discography spans 20 years. The bands unique version of indie rock is strongly influenced by soul music, garage punk, jazz and psychedelic music of the 60's and 70's.



"a unique sound steeped in both Earth, Wind and Fire-style funk and late-era Beatles psychedelia." -Rolling Stone



"Rustic's firepower-a skintight rhythm section, soulful keyboards, stinging guitars, funky horns and the potent, complex, and totally engrossing voice of frontman Dave Gutter" -Billboard Magazine




Rustic's early works "Long Division" ,"My Dirt ep" and "Rooms by the Hour", were released independently through Portland based Ripchord Records. In 1999 they were discovered by Kurt St. Thomas at Arista Records. A few years earlier Kurt had been program director at Boston's WFNX, and was the first to world premiere Nirvana's "Nevermind" on radio.


With the the changing of label president, (Clive Davis) ; Arista soon became an unsuitable home for Rustic. St. Thomas and Rustic both moved to Tommy Boy and released the album Viva Nueva.



The years to follow showed the music industry paradigm shift, and Rustic returned to grassroots with the aptly titled albums "Light at the End" "A New Way Out" and "Let's Start a Cult 1 and 2". In 2014 they celebrated their 20 years as a band with the release of the box set "The Mood Box"; an anthology of greatest hits, live tracks and rarities arranged by genre.



"One of my favorite groups" - David Bowie



"Quite possibly the tightest band I've ever seen" -Ray Lamontagne




°Rustic Overtones were the first band in history to be broadcast live into space via satellite on XM radio.



°Recording sessions for Rustic's Viva Nueva reconnected David Bowie and producer Tony Visconti after a 14 year silence.



°A New Way Out was listed as one of the best albums of the decade in The Boston Globe.



*Man without a mouth featuring David Bowie appeared in the Fox series "24".



*Hardest way possible was picked by Adam Sandler for the 2001 comedy "The Animal".



*Dave Gutter is featured in the David Bowie biography "Pushing ahead of the dame".



Paranoid Social Club is a garage power-pop quartet that formed in 2004.

Fiery, impassioned, fun, and anthemic; the music of Paranoid Social Club has been used in HBO's Entourage, Cathouse, and films Beerfest and Sex and Death 101.


In 2011 , in support of their self released album Axis IV, the band hit the road for a tour with the legendary punk rockers Fishbone, as well as Stone Temple Pilots, Sick Puppies, and headlining their own national tour selling out venues at SXSW and The Viper Room in Los Angeles, Paranoid Social Club attained thousands of spins across the country including KROQ in Los Angeles and attaining Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols as one of the bands biggest supporters. Other stations followed suit and Paranoid Social Club peaked at number 12 on the national albums the FMQB chart.




Armies meld electro-pop with duet style anthems inspired by French pop duets of the sixties. Drawing on themes based around temptation and fidelity, Armies is the darker, seedier underbelly of love put to the soundtrack of a nightclub bathroom. Armies began in Venice Beach, CA as a commercial project conceived by Gutter. For the purpose of TV and Film placement only, Gutter was commissioned to write folk style duets for male and female vocals for Viacom/Rumble. After auditioning vocalists in Los Angeles, Gutter returned to Portland and finished the record with long time friend and singer-songwriter Anna Lombard. Summer 2015 will mark the release of Armies' self-titled debut.

Gutter has collaborated and recorded with David Bowie, Imogen Heap, Ray Lamontagne, Eric Krasno,Funkmaster Flex and Naughty by Nature, as songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and composer, and toured nationally as direct support for De La Soul, Steel Pulse, and Run DMC among others.

Dave Gutter as a lyricist, has penned songs for Aaron Neville, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Eric Krasno, Res, Gramatik and Griz.. 

In 2015 Gutter wrote lyrics for the Gramatik hit "Torture" which was featured in Summit/OffsprIng entertainment's "Step up 5: All in" and was used in the trailer of the Netflix Original series "Narcos". The same song as performed by Eric Krasno will appear in the video game Steep Alaska in 2017.

 In 2016 Offbeat magazine named Aaron Neville's Apache, best RnB/Funk album of the year.

The song "Sara Anne" off Apache was used in the 2016 tv series Hawaii 5-0.




Dave Gutter is making music as you read this.